Cash Flow Forecasting at Your Fingertips Simple Features. Powerful Results

Logical Straightforward Cash Flow Forecasting

Real-time Syncing. Drill Down Functionality. SARS Reminders

No-nonsense Cash Flow Forecasting

No more mental arithmetic. MyCashFlowApp does it for you. It calculates your cash flow based on your bank balance today plus your revenue expected into your bank account, less the payments expected out of your bank account… each day. You can adjust expected receipt or payment dates and MyCashFlowApp instantly updates Xero and your cash flow forecast simultaneously.

Real-time Syncing

Real-time syncing with Xero Accounting all day, every day, saves time, eliminates detrimental data capture errors and completely removes the need for Excel spreadsheets, that are frustratingly always outdated when you need them.

Daily Cash Flow Calendar

You get a cash flow forecasting dashboard at your fingertips for every day of the month on one easy-to-read calendar.

Cash Flow Chart forecast

Prefer to see your cashflow in chart form? No Problem!
MyCashFlowApp even displays your compliance reminders and custom threshold value.

Drill Down for Details

You identify a day with negative cash flow and ask the question “why?” Drill down with just one click to find out instantly where your cash is going. Immediately see all bank balances, expected receipts, expected payments and projected expenditures. Click on any invoice and it will open in Xero. Click on any client name and their contact details will open in Xero.

Get Automatic Reminders for SARS Tax Returns

MyCashFlowApp automatically sets up reminders on your calendar dashboard for SARS submission and payment deadlines. If you’ve ever felt the impact of a SARS penalty on your cash flow then you will appreciate the value of this feature.

Google Integration

MyCashFlowApp integrates seamlessly with google calendar. Allowing you to view your cashflow forecast and compliance reminders in your own email clients calendar!

Easy Setup

MyCashFlowApp, like Xero, is a 100% cloud based solution. This means there is no installation and you could be getting powerful insights on your real-time cash flow just 10 minutes from clicking Start Trial.

Coming Soon

Xero Status Reports:
  • Last bank statement import date
  • Date of last unreconciled item