Real-time Business Cash Flow Forecasting
Be Confident. Be Decisive. Be Proactive.

Knowing Your Real-time Cash Flow Empowers you to

Unlock Opportunities

Invest in Strategic Growth Opportunities

Always knowing your real-time cash flow gives you the confidence to act decisively when ad hoc opportunities arise. It also empowers business owners, ensuring there are no unnecessary and costly delays when it comes to making strategic long term business expansion decisions. Whether it’s building in new locations, investing in R&D, renovating infrastructure, improving technology, investing in new skill sets or providing more training, you’ve got the information you need to be decisive.

Be Flexible

With MyCashFlowApp you can see when your business has strong liquidity and so strengthen your position to negotiate bulk buys and early payment settlement discounts. This drives profitability and competitive advantage as your acquisition costs drop. It also gives you the flexibility to offer favourable credit terms and thereby attract new buyers. Finally, let’s not forget it gives you the opportunity take advantage of foreign exchange fluctuations.

Grow Investor Confidence

Being able to show that your business has a healthy cash flow forecast makes it more appealing to lenders, investors, venture capitalists and potential shareholders. This is a powerful confidence builder when it comes to raising the kind of funding and loans which many businesses require in order to break through to the next level. MyCashFlowApp is the solution for real-time cash flow forecasting.

Minimise Risks

Knowing what your business cash flow will be today, tomorrow, next week, next month and next year gives you time to:

  • Ask a supplier for better terms
  • Ask a client to pay early
  • Increase sales
  • Get a loan
  • Do invoice factoring

By taking the appropriate steps your business can avoid loan defaulting penalties, foreclosure, remain operational and retain investor confidence.

Reward The Owners

How Much Can You Pay Yourself?

As the business owner, how often have you asked yourself this question? Every month end? Exactly. And how long do you spend working that out? MyCashFlowApp will help you to see exactly how much you can reward yourself each month without impacting the cash flow negatively.

Satisfy Your Shareholders

Shareholders are always demanding better ROI in the form of dividends. MyCashFlowApp will give you a clear cash flow forecast which you can use to accurately and transparently declare and justify realistic dividends. This strengthens shareholder confidence.

“We want to empower business owners and their accountants to have a better understanding of where they are heading, all the time”