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MyCashFlowApp gives you the opportunity

to know the health of your client’s business in a snap and pro-actively advise

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Get discounts on each new client account you bring on board.

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Key Benefits

Automated compliance alerts

Revolutionise the way you communicate with your clients, thanks to fully automated compliance alerts. You can even sync reminders straight to their daily planner!

Individual Licenses not Required for Staff

User friendly and hassle free. No need for wasting time managing individual licenses.


Free Training

We will train you and your team, ensuring you can identify the opportunities that will make you shine in front of your clients.

Quick Access to Your Clients’ Cash Flow Dashboards

Move quickly and easily between client dashboards. Just one secure password gives you access to all your clients’ dashboards

Discounted rates

As a MCFA partner you receive discounted rates for all subscriptions on your account.

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Whitelabel compliance alerts

Customize compliance alerts by adding a custom signature and text templates to match your firms look and feel.

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