MyCashFlowApp Gives You the Opportunity to Know the Health of Your Client’s Business in a Snap and Pro-actively Advise

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R45 per





R37 per





R30 for first 87 orgs

anything after is FREE!

R2500/month max

* All prices excluding tax

“We want every user to be able to deal with their company’s cash flow in a proactive, rather than reactive way”

The Partner Program is for:

Accountants and Bookkeepers

Ever sat in a client meeting feeling a disconnect? The founders of MyCashFlowApp started off as accountants and know exactly what that feels like. MyCashFlowApp will help you to get insight on your client’s cash flow in a snap before each meeting. Never again get yourself into the position where you are talking about growth on the balance sheet while the business owner is thinking about cash flow.

Business Coaches and Mentors

Combine MyCashFlowApp with Xero Accounting to assess the health of your client’s business based on real-time data. Thanks to Xero’s automated daily bank feed updates and MyCashFlowApp’s two way sync with Xero Accounting, you will not only have insight into their Balance sheet and Income statement, but will also be able to identify exact dates for both upcoming cash crunches and high liquidity periods.

Private Investors and Lendors

Ready to invest but you’re looking for a way to maintain clear insight into the health of your investment. We all know “Cash Flow is King” but if you’re not involved in the day to day operations of the business it’s challenging to really gauge the health of a business. Use Xero and MyCashFlowApp to gain real-time access to forecasted cash flow figures for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Actionable knowledge is power and that’s exactly what MyCashFlowApp delivers.

“Our goal is to keep the tool SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE.”

Partners Get the Following Benefits

Get Discounts on Each New Client Account you Bring On board with MyCashFlowApp.

Free MyCashFlowApp Subscription

Get your own FREE MyCashFlow account for as long as your clients use the App.

Individual Licenses not Required for Staff

User friendly and hassle free. No need for wasting time managing individual licenses.

Free Training

We will train you and your team, ensuring you can identify the opportunities that will make you shine in front of your clients.

Quick Access to Your Clients’ Cash Flow Dashboards

Move quickly and easily between client dashboards. Just one secure password gives you access to all your clients’ dashboards.

Test MyCashFlowApp with a 30 Day FREE Trial before bringing your clients on board